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About the Bakery

La Maison Blanche was opened in 2006 by Roger Bransol and Mi By Kim. Discovering the beauty of upstate New York, they decided to open their second bakery in the small town of Norwich. They wanted to introduce their unique traditions and signature food which had been so well received in Manhattan. Upon finding the little white Victorian farmhouse, they set out to make that dream come true, and decided to call it La Maison Blanche, which means “the white house.”

Today we use traditional baking methods and Roger’s original recipes, brought with him from the south of France. His personally trained staff bakes everything from scratch, in small batches by hand. We use only the finest ingredients to ensure quality and integrity in our products.

Roger passed in May of 2011. Our goal is to honor him by keeping his legacy alive, providing the neighborhood and other small businesses with food we can be proud of. We hope you will come in and see for yourself.