Yoga at La Maison Blanche

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Ron Zisa

In class Ron brings his experience of supporting and encouraging students to help them realize and achieve their individual goals. By using the breath as a foundation, classical poses are adapted to bring

strength and flexibility to each individual. His dedicated approach helps the beginner, intermediate or advanced student enrich and deepen their practice.

Ron is certified through Integral Yoga Institute and and for the past 15 years has been teaching and studying in the tradition T. Krishnamacharya known as the father of modern yoga. He is also a practitioner of Shiatsu and Reiki. For over 25 years he has led and taught classes and workshops Internationally and in the U.S. Sharing his passions for yoga, health and cooking has earned him the nickname The Yoga Chef.

Josh Kelly

Josh has been practicing Qigong, an internal martial art which translates to "energy work", for 3 years now. In 2017 at the age of 23, he made his first flight ever to Kauai, Hawaii where he became certified to teach restoration practices as a Medical Qigong Instructor. His interest in nature, energy, consciousness and meditation is what brought him on this journey with the hopes of sharing it with others.

These ancient Daoist practices date back over 5,000 years and have been used to promote longevity and quality of life by harmonizing the body and spirit with the energetic cycles and patterns of nature. Josh teaches his family, friends and holds weekly classes at the Norwich Family YMCA and NYS Veterans Home to assist the elderly. He is currently continuing his studies and training as a Masters Apprentice with the

long-term goal of attaining self-mastery on his journey.